As KAUTEK, our rubber-metal project is to understand our customers demands and give best service. Quality management system is most important criteria in aftermarket market. Kautek is targeting market and customer demands, to reach the highest level of quality, focusing and will continue to focus necessary investments and complete activities in the entire company. As a natural result of all these progresses, in 2015 we are awarded by ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System .By being aware of our responsibility we

We will understand the current and future needs of our customers and meet the requirements.

Continious improvement,
Our main goal is continuous improvement in performance of our company.

Prevention of errors,
In achieving the objectives will be accurate and efficient by defining interrelated processes as a system, understanding and managing,

Reduction of variables,
By managing our resources and related activities effectively, we will reach efficient results

Minimization of losses in the supply chain,
By using Beneficial relationship between our company and our suppliers efficiently and effectively, both parties will create mutual benefit.

Will be dynamic company achieving new targets.